The one checklist to be prepared for a sailing holiday

A great drone shot

We have seen a few lists here and there, but we felt that all of them missed a thing or two. That is why we prepared this list for you, based on 15 years of sailing on a rental boat. If you feel some is missing, let us know!


  1. Take flexible bags, not rigid suitcases. In sailing boats there is always a lack of storage space, and a flexible bag is easier to store.
  2. Almost every yacht has a music system that you can plug into. We advise to take at least a jack-to-jack 3.5mm cable with you to plug in your mp3 player or phone. Because nothing beats a steady course at sundown with your favorite music over the speakers.
  3. Sunblock, and we mean the real stuff. Water is like a mirror and will double the UV impact on your skin.
  4. Dark sunglasses that look good on you. Polarized glasses filter al lot of the sun glare reflected by the water, so get a hold of one if you can.
  5. A hat with a string. So that it isn’t blown off by the wind.
  6. Your Passport and make sure it hasn’t expired.
  7. Flight tickets and make sure your names are spelt correctly
  8. A visa for countries that require you to have one
  9. A valid Insurance Certificate, just in case. Also your Health Insurance Card
  10. A creditcard. But remember, nothing beats hard cash. Take enough cash in small bills. In many less populated areas cash is still much appreciated by the local people.
  11. Snorkeling gear, both fun to have as well as very handy when you want to inspect the boat. You can probably get this from the boat charter as well, check before you go.
  12. Books, magazine, and a travel size chess game. Holidays make you do things you did years ago.
  13. An action camera with waterproof case is excellent to make great action shots.
  14. Chargers, take chargers for all your tech stuff. All boats have the 12V socket that is also used in cars. Most boats have 220V sockets as well, but these might only work when running the engine or when connected to shore power. If you want to be sure, take a 12V-220V inverter with you. Solar chargers will work perfectly in most Mediterranean countries.
  15. Some stuff to shower with. If possible, use the perfume free shampoos. This will damage the wildlife less if it ends up in the sea water.
  16. Plastic bags where you can put the used toilet paper in before putting it in the bin. With a few people on board this really makes the experience more pleasant.
  17. A drone with a good quality camera. Trust us, you will be extremely happy with the great shots you can make with it.
  18. A wakeboard with a floating line. You won’t need much speed to enjoy the wakeboarding, so we are pretty sure you will manage with any yacht that has a decent engine. And its great fun!
  19. A guitar, either to practice or to make friends. On a boat it is the perfect instrument.
  20. A BBQ-grill, in the moorspots app you can find the place where it is allowed to use an open grill. Or get one that you can use on your boat.
  21. A board game like Risk, or a poker set will bring some healthy competition on board.
  22.  Fishing gear. It might proof to be challenging to catch a decent fish. But imagine the joy when you taste it coming off the grill. A reel of fishing line is on most cases enough, you won’t need complete poles.
  23.  Clothing
  • Pretty straightforward, check the weather forecast in the area and pack comfortable stuff. Then take out half of it and you are good to go. Don’t forget your swimsuit.
  • Take clothes that can handle a bit of salty water.
  • Even if you are going to Turkey in August, take one jacket or pullover that is windproof.
  • Take shoes that don’t leave marks on the white surface of the boat. It is best to avoid black soles. And never ever leave without your flip flops.


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