Highlights of sailing in the Lefkas area

Have you enjoyed a journey on the water already this season? The Moorspots team spend quite some time on the water and we saw and learned a lot. The trip that gave us the most insights was a tour in the Lefkas area in Greece. We spoke with many sailors and marina owners during our trip and we wrote down the highlights of this area for you.

Lefkas – Sivota

On the first day the winds were in our favor and we set course south. The original plan was to stay overnight in a bay but the weather forecast showed rapidly changing windspeeds and directions. We decided to head for Sivota. A place known for its lively atmosphere in the many restaurants at the quay. Most have their own piers where you can stay for free if you dine in the restaurant. Continue reading

Sivota – Fiscardo

The weather got better during the day and we sailed comfortably with windspeeds of 12 to 15 knots to Fiscardo. A quiet little village that is very popular in high season. The forecast for the night and next days were showing heavy winds and rain so we decided to spend the night with stern to quay instead of anchoring in the north side of the bay. This turned out well because the winds changed and a few yachts ended up on the rocks and were forced to re-anchor in heavy winds. While it is a small place, Fiscardo still offers some nice restaurants and bars for a night well spend.

Fiscardo – Pera Pigadi

The weather improved and the rain made place for sunshine. We set course to Pera Pigadi on the Island of Ithaki. There are a few options to drop anchor, however we chose the option to moor at a small concrete quay at the smallest passage point between the Ithaki and the small Island on the east side. We spend a very quiet night here and enjoyed the beautiful surrounding.

Pera Pigadi – Kalamos Port

We sailed in steady winds 10 to 15 knots and partly clouded sky to Kalamos. A a typical small Greek village. There is one concrete pier that is un-officially managed by the owner of the restaurant George at the end of the pier. We had a lot of inspiring conversations here with fellow sailors about their experiences and got great tips about the area from a flottielje skipper.

Kalamos Port – Abelike Bay

The day started with little wind but it picked up to 10 knots during the day. We sailed to Abelike bay to moor at the small wooden jetty at the Minas taverna. The jetty can be full quite quickly and usually is reserved up front by charters of flottieljes. There are enough options to drop anchor though and you can walk to Vathi from here.

Abelike Bay – Lefkas

This last day was the best sailing day with steady winds around 20 knots. Reaching boat speeds of 10 knots. We set course back to Lefkas marina where we started to make plans for the next trip.

We would love to hear what your favorite spots in Greece are. So let us know, thanks a lot and happy sailing!

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