The best sailing routes ever !

One week every year, we as five friends, are “dismissed” from our wife’s to go sailing. This started back in college, via a student organization who organized a sailing week somewhere in Croatia or Greece with around 20 to 25 sailing boats. After college we continued doing this by renting a “bare-boat” somewhere in the Mediterranean. This year it will be the 15th year in a row.

When booking a sailing holiday we first look to the area. This is an area were we previously heard or read about, or an area which we want to re-explore. Booking a boat is quiet easily, there are multiple sites to compare and reservations are made within a few clicks. The hardest part is planning the route for this week. We always want a good combination between spending a night in a marina and having a private beach in an anchorage to build a campfire with a BBQ and play the guitar all night long. Also the amount of miles per day is something we look at. There are several “itinerary’s” available which gives a good indication on a possible route. But this is never a good fit since these are generic routes, not routes specifically tailored for our requirements.

We pick our ingredients by using knowledge of fellow sailors on forums or people we know in real life, google on sample routes, using google maps and google earth and digital navigational maps. Together with some good Gin Tonics, this becomes our master recipe for this week. And then of course you can plan ahead whatever you want, but the wind always messes up the original plan. During the trip you want to have multiple alternatives to adopt change.

Wouldn’t it be great to have this functionality all in one App ? Planning in advance: give me the top 5 routes for friends in the Corfu area with minimum 3 overnight marinas. And when sailing: give me the best rated anchorage with a sandy beach within 10 miles……..

How do you plan your sailing trip?

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