The best sailing routes ever !

One week every year, we as five friends, are “dismissed” from our wife’s to go sailing. This started back in college, via a student organization who organized a sailing week somewhere in Croatia or Greece with around 20 to 25 sailing boats. After college we continued doing this by renting a “bare-boat” somewhere in the Mediterranean. This year it will be the 15th year in a row.

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Top 25 YouTube sailing channels

At Moorspots we love to watch sailing channels. We made a top 25 based on the amount of subscribers as per May 3rd 2018. The link opens the YouTube channel directly.

# YouTube channel Subscribers
1 Sailing La Vagabonde 393.958
2 Sailing SV Delos 263.111
3 Gone with the Wynns 178.050
4 Captain Rick Moore 84.989
5 Tula’s Endless Summer 72.717
6 Sailing Doodles 67.777
7 Sailing Uma 62.120
8 WhiteSpotPirates 53.392
9 Ran Sailing 52.645
10 Sailing Nandji 52.254
11 Wickey Salty 48.859
12 MJ Sailing 42.387
13 Sailing miss Lone Star 41.755
14 Sail Life 41.565
15 Distant shores 38.608
16 Sailing yacht Ruby Rose 35.950
17 Followtheboat 28.882
18 DrakeParagon 28.499
19 Free Range Sailing 26.114
20 Sailing into FREEDOM 25.351
21 Sailing Vessel Prism 23.759
22 Capt Eric Bergeron 17.233
23 Sailing Emerald Steel 17.218
24 Life is like Sailing 16.412
25 Drenched 16.281

Moorspots live in the App Store

Hi there!
We want to share something cool with you. Remember we said in the previous newsletter that we targeted to launch the Moorspots app in the App Store as soon as we could? No more hassle with installation of beta-test versions, just click and go like you are used to?

Well, we did it!  Moorspots is live in the App Store:


Thank you
A big thank you to all of you who have tested the app. With your feedback we managed to improve the app and get it ready for release in the App Store.

One of the cool features that we think will make a big impact are the pictures in the app. Look at the spots on the bottom of this mail. Do these trigger your imagination? Do they make you want to start planning your sailing trip? These pictures came straight out of the app and were added by fellow sailors, just click on them and dream away.

What is next?

Early April we will start a marketing campaign to attract more sailing enthusiasts like you to share great spots. So please keep a sharp look out for Moorspots in the media and share the news with your friends and family. You can have look at the our press release article here: Press Release.

And as always: If you have any suggestions, questions or anything that you would like to share with us, feel free to drop us a message at!

With the kindest sailing regards, 
The Moorspots team
Joris, Jaap, Mathijs, Fokko & Marco 

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