Mediterranean: The 3 cheapest bareboat charter regions

Sailing is not a cheap hobby, as most of you sailors out there know. Those who own a yacht know that this comes at a pretty high cost. Those that sail less often normally would rent a yacht, which is more cost efficient. Still, renting a bareboat yacht for your holiday is usually an expensive way to spend your free time. This blog intends to help you find the cheapest bareboat charter regions within the Mediterranean.


A bareboat charter holiday price is mainly composed of the cost of renting the boat, but that isn’t the only cost having impact on your holiday. What other cost can you expect from a bareboat charter sailing holiday?

  • Travel cost to and from the country / region
  • Food & beverages (living costs) during your stay
  • Marina fees
  • Cleaning cost & fuel

The travel cost vary, depending on your place of residence. The additional cleaning & fuel cost vary depending on the charter company and number of miles motoring and fluctuating fuel prices. Therefore these cost have not been taken into account. To make a fair comparison between the regions, the living cost and marinas fees should be included in considerations. However, the weighed needs to be distributed reasonably. Meaning that the charter cost of the bareboat make up around 50%, the living cost 40% and the marina fees around 10% of your total bareboat holiday budget. This all highly depends of course on your preferences for dining at a restaurant or firing on the BBQ on the beach where it is permitted. But also your decision to anchor more often instead mooring in a luxury marina. Based on more than 15 years of experience with bareboat holidays, the above seems to be a reliable average. That brings us to the following result:

County Cost of
Cost of
Cost of
Lefkas Greece €€€
Athens Greece €€€
Fethiye Turkey €€ €€€
Corfu Greece €€€ €€ €€
Croatia €€ €€€€ €€ €€
Kos Greece €€€ €€€ €€
Sicily Italy €€€€ €€€ €€ €€€
Mallorca Spain €€€ €€€ €€€ €€€
Pula Croatia €€ €€€€ €€€€ €€€
Croatia €€ €€€€ €€€€ €€€
Sardines Italy €€€€ €€€ €€€ €€€

The above overview is based on the most common size (36 to 38 feet) and build years mono-hulls available in every region. As a result, both Lefkas and Athens in Greece and Fethiye in Turkey show to be the top 3 cheapest destinations in the Mediterranean. The average cost is ranked from cheapest to most expensive and therefore Lefkas is the number one cheapest place to rent a bareboat. It’s worth noting the following when interpreting this overview:

  • It is clear that the regions with higher availability of rental yachts, have been chosen in this overview. Smaller regions have been neglected, as these tend to have higher prices due to the old rules of economics (more demand, less offerings)
  • Some regions are known to offer more and better anchoring spots than others, lowering the marina costs. This has not been taken into account, as the regions in this overview all have good anchoring offerings. It’s a decision that you will need to take as a skipper.
  • Turkey is known for its small quay or marina’s, not charging any fees, as long as you patronize the restaurant. Taking this into account in the above, would take Turkey to the first place, but again, it’s a personal decision.
  • The price comparison of bareboats has been made for the high season (July). Be aware that some regions have higher fluctuating prices, depending on the season. It is worthwhile checking this for the period you are planning to book.
  • Bareboats can be found in different sizes and quality. The provided overview in this blog doesn’t cover multihulls or motor boats, but the value for money will probably not be far off.

Whatever region you are planning to visit. Remember to always bring your Moorspots companion, so you spend your costly holiday the best you can, at the best spots of the region. And don’t forget to share your experiences!

Happy bareboat sailing!

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