Cooking great food on a sailing boat? Tips for during sailing, in marinas and anchorages.

Boat cooking is different from cooking ashore. Any  sailor can tell you that the space is smaller, you have fewer appliances, and food storage is much different.

Wrap with seasoned chicken

But whether you are going for your 5th ocean crossing or for your first yacht charter in the Mediterranean, we all need to eat properly. And most important: we tend to be hungrier at sea than at home. Cooking your favorite food will make live on board so much more enjoyable. Also, the cooking can be made more efficient, easy and pleasant when you think up front about what is at hand in the galley of your boat.

We will start with a few basics from our own experience here on how to create the best meals on board during your holiday.

  • Prepare the lunches up front. Basics that you can easily tune to your personal taste are tortilla wraps, sandwich bread, potatoes, eggs for omelets.
  • Salads will also do the trick when it comes to lunch. Using potatoes or pasta as a base, it is really a matter of simply cutting and mixing. The final touch when serving by adding a garniture of green leaves or spices will make the show though.
  • The one pot stove Diners are incredibly tasty and easy to make in a galley. Beef, chicken, fish or of course vegetarian stews can be made with local ingredients. Improvise and shine!
  • Keep it simple. Pre-boiled rice or potatoes are very handy when you don’t want to spend too much time on the galley.
  • When you have an oven on board it opens a world of oven dishes that are quick to make like Lasagna or Shepards pie.
  • Snacks need to be within reach at any moment. Think about nuts, chips, melons, and cheeses.

Things that can make your life easier when cooking on board:

  • Chef’s knife: A proper sized and sharpened knife. Take your favorite knife with you as it is very likely that there will not be a high-quality knife in the inventory of the boat. Fillet knife for that fish that you will catch (or buy at the local market).
  • Plastic bags with zip-lock: These take very little space to take with you but will make your life so much easier on board. Use them for storing any type of food and will save space in the refrigerator.

There are many great stories, tips and recipes shared by fellow sailors and cooks. Three of our favorites:

And three books that for sure will inspire you:

  1. Boat Cookbook: Review of The Guardian
  2. The Boat Galley Cookbook: 800 Everyday Recipes and Essential Tips for Cooking Aboard
  3. Galley Guru: Effortless Gourmet Cooking Afloat by Lisa Hayden-Miller

Happy sailing!

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