Mediterranean: The 3 cheapest bareboat charter regions

Sailing is not a cheap hobby, as most of you sailors out there know. Those who own a yacht know that this comes at a pretty high cost. Those that sail less often normally would rent a yacht, which is more cost efficient. Still, renting a bareboat yacht for your holiday is usually an expensive way to spend your free time. This blog intends to help you find the cheapest bareboat charter regions within the Mediterranean.

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Nautical charts & pilots collaboration discount

Moorspots is appreciated by its users as an easy to use community opinion based guide for sailors in search of anchorage spots and marinas. However, for proper navigating we also need accurate charts and pilots, either digital or paper versions. That made us decide to team up with Bookharbour, who sell an extensive range of nautical charts, cruising guides & pilots, books and instruments.

To celebrate and enforce our collaboration, we grant all our users an additional 10% discount at the webshop of Bookharbour. Order your products at:

Use the following code to recieve 10% discount: MOOR10OFF-BHMSAPR19

Enjoy and remember to keep contributing in Moorspots during your journeys too

Alternative travel for the East Coast of Australia: By boat!

Most are familiar with the “East Coast trail” of Australia, taking a 4×4 off the beaten track or the road trip along the notorious Great Ocean Road. But there are even better ways to discover the beautiful nature and coast of Australia. Exploring the Whitsunday Islands by boat, will give you an unforgettable experience of your Australian East Coast holiday. Sailing experience is required, but the conditions and services in this region make it very accessible for the less experienced sailors.

You may think that sailing at sea requires you to take many sailing courses up front and that skipper licensing is required, but this is not always the case. Some regions, like the Whitsunday Islands, are easy regions to sail due to the line of sight navigation, moderate and predictable wind conditions and easy anchoring. The region itself offers access to very diverse wildlife, big game fishing and diving and snorkeling in the most beautiful waters and reefs.

Lizard on Hook Island

Are you convinced? Than join the happy few
that have discovered this way of exploring a part of Australia and start off
with the preparations.

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To connect or disconnect at sea

You are either going to love this blog or hate it. There are two distinctive types of sailors out there. Those who go sailing to take a digital detox and just disconnect from social media, reality shows and other digital media, that can cause stress. And those that start shaking once their cellphone loses connection with the cellular masts on the shore. Stop reading this blog if you are the latter of those sailors, using VHF to communicate home, paper charts and paper pilot books to navigate and who listens to CD’s. If not, sit back and enjoy this blog.

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